Simche Friedman With A New Hit Song “Hashem Yishmorcha”

by yossi | March 17, 2020 1:46 pm

Hashem Yishmorcha is what you’re going to be humming soon!

Have you been looking for a song that that will put you in a better mood and give yous encouragement instead of isolation? – Hashem Yishmorcha is just the right tune!

“I saved this song for an album which is due out, בעזרת השם, in the coming months”, Chassidic singer Simche Friedman tells us. “But in our current situation the lyrics suddenly took on a whole new meaning, and I felt the need to release the song now, as a single. Today, people in Israel and the world over need words of positivity, optimism, good energy, joy and of course – Bitachon BaHashem! This is my ‘musical cure’ against the raging Coronavirus”.

Hashem Yishmorcha is the eighth track off his upcoming debut album, which Simcha is hard at work on. The album will feature the smash hits B’Karov (Yitgadal), Neshama, Lo Lefached, the recent Od Yavo HaYom, which has become a staple on Israeli radio stations, and more.

Hashem Yishmorcha was written by Simche and the talented Elchanan Elchadad, who also did the masterful composition. Udi Damari, the famed musician and arranger, used his unique touch to give the song exactly the right flavor.

This is one song you don’t want to miss!

“Hopefully we’ll get back to our normal routine very soon,” Simche says. “Meanwhile, with tens of thousands in confinement, at least let us hear good, happy, refreshing and empowering music. Ki B’Simcha Teitzeiu – the only way to ‘transcend’ all of our problems and worries is through happiness and joy!”

To which we can only add: Amen!

So raise the volume and make Hashem Yishmorcha part of your repertoire of songs of Emunah and Bitachon!

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