SIMCHA LEINER – Seder HaAvodah (ft. Avromi Basch & Motti Feldman)

by yossi | September 21, 2020 4:15 pm

This year our Yomim Noraim experience was unlike anything we’ve felt before. While being apart from each other physically we still joined in hearts and minds to pray for the safe return to our shuls and sanctuaries.

The beautiful Young Israel of Woodmere Amud has been my home for the Yomim Noraim for the past few years and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to record something special this year.

Seder Ha’avoda is a musical journey following in the footsteps of the Kohen Gadol (the high Priest) as he made his way through the holy duties of Yom Kippur bestowed on him on behalf of the Jewish people.

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Performed together with star musicians Avromi Basch and Motty Feldman, we present this as a prayer to not only be able to join together next year B’rov Am Hadras Melech – but to witness the actual Avodah being performed in the return of the Beis Hamikdash.

Song Composed by – @ישי ריבו
Lead Vocals – Simcha Leiner
Accompanied by – Avromi Basch and Motti Feldman
Guitars – Motti Feldman
Flute – Avromi Basch
Keyboard – Simcha Leiner
Additional Programming – Michael Soffer
Song Mixed by – Ruli Ezrachi

Single Artwork – Yoni Weiss (designinbrooklyn)

Film Produced by – Moshe Bree (Ingenious Productions)
ADP – Motty Berkowitz @mottyberkowitz

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