SHWEKEY – L’Chaim (Remix by DJ Niso)

by yossi | April 6, 2022 8:48 am

On the occasion of Pesach, Yaakov Shwekey drinks 4 cups to life! With a Remix music video to sing the theme from his latest album A Toast To Life. The remix version produced by DJ Niso Slob, and it was accompanied by video clip produced for the first time in Jewish music in the cinema technology, in the virtual reality set simulating a “Subway” in the New York Underground. The video produced “Olam Media“.

Yaakov Shwekey
A Toast to Life – L’Chaim Remix Video

Lyrics: Miriam Israeli
Composed: Yitzy Waldner
Concept: Yaakov Shwekey
Official Remix: DJ Niso Slob
Original Arranged: PlayMasters
by Daniel Kapler & Ian Freitor

Video produced by OlamMedia
Director: Aharon Orian
Producer: Chana Orian
Cinematographer: David Orian
Produced by Daniel Pro
Management: Sharon Daniel

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