Shuki Salomon & Benny Friedman In A New Exciting Song/Video “Shir HaTzedaka”

by yossi | January 22, 2022 7:27 pm

Singer and creator Shuki Salomon in a new single called ‘Shir HaTzedaka‘ which he performs in a duet with Benny Friedman. The song deals with the virtue of the commandment of charity and the importance of bringing hearts together in the people of Israel, the lyrics were written by Shuki Salomon, composed by Israel Rapaport and the musical arrangement by David Taub.

Shuki Salomon, which is associated with many and varied social projects, has previously released a number of songs in which he promoted important Jewish values ​​such as Shir HaAchdut, Shirat Habakashot, Mizmor Lesoida and more. As mentioned, this time the emphasis is on the commandment of charity and its virtue, and the intriguing collaboration with Benny Friedman produces a great musical connection.

Shuki Salomon relates: “The beauty of the mitzvah of tzedaka is that every Jew can receive it equally, one who multiplies and one who reduces. It is a great privilege to return a little of the abundance that Gd influences us. “Happy with the wonderful connection with Benny Friedman that made the song so special.”

“Every song has its own chorus and heart,” says Benny Friedman, “but the Shir HaTzedaka speaks of the love of Israel, the love of Hashem and the love of the Holy Torah in one song, it is important and must be done every day and even more, to give charity and pray for charity. He let me sing the Shir HaTzedaka together with Shuki and experience it with him.”

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