Shuki Salomon & Arik Dvir In An Exciting New Song & Video “Ach’Sheli Yehudi”

by yossi | May 20, 2020 2:16 pm

Social media star Shuki Salomon releases a music video for a new song called ‘Ach’Sheli Yehudi‘ which he wrote and composed, and performs with his close friend Arik Dvir. The lyrics describe the close connection that every Jew has to our father in heaven. It is hard to miss the prominent presence of Salomon’s campaigns on the net and in numerous campaigns and lectures including Lashon Hara, and the optimistic messages he seeks to convey in everyday life are reflected in the joyful video and special song lyrics.

Shuki tells: “I wrote the lyrics to help connect the entire am yisrael during these troubled times. Days which are full of fear and the unknown, days of worry and uncertainty. We should not forget that we are Jews, we have father in shomayim and that distinguishes us from all other peoples. My brothers, Jews, what are you worried about “יש לנו את אבא ששומר עלינו ממרומים?”

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