Shmuly Schneider | Special Hearts – Camp SCHI

by yossi | June 21, 2021 11:31 am

This song was written from the perspective of the special needs children. Although they are often limited in their ability to communicate, they want to share feelings of gratitude for all the kindness and care they receive and would love to share that message to the world through song! They appreciate immensely that they are given a fair chance at life and are able to shine brightly!

Uncovering the magic at Camp SCHI.

SCHI has always been about uncovering hidden potential. Now, we’re uncovering something else:

The magic of Camp SCHI, that is. What SCHI does for students year-round, Camp SCHI builds on and reinforces. Camp SCHI represents the culmination of all the best parts of SCHI, and packs it into an incredible summer experience. Help keep this life-changing program running.

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For students, Camp SCHI offers:
Two 30+ acre campuses that they can call home.
All the amenities that children with disabilities require to continue to build their skills.
The opportunity to have an independence that previously, would have been a long-shot.

And for the parents, Camp SCHI offers a much-needed reprieve from the daily challenges of raising a child with disabilities.

This is your opportunity to contribute a spark of magic into these children’s lives, helping them continue their trajectory of growth.

Visit to take part in the transformational experience that is Camp SCHI.

Composed by Shmuly Schneider
Lyrics by Shmuly Schneider
Music by Yisroel Ament
Recorded at AmentStudios-Far Rockaway NY
Graphics by TechniqCreative
Bridge lyrics by Riva Borbely

We live our lives in untold challenge
Our every move is compromised
Yet through it all you applaud our talents
Our every gift is recognized

And when we think of all our blessings
Our caring family and friends
Although it’s hard we’ll try expressing
It’s on your kindness we depend

Our days are filled with confrontation
Between our bodies and our minds
You too experience frustration
Deep in our hearts, we intertwine

We thank you from our special hearts
That’s our message we impart
It’s so much more than just mere sounds
Our gratitude transcends all bounds

You bring much joy into our lives
Our broken spirits you revive
It’s so much more than just mere sounds
Our gratitude transcends all bounds

When Geulah puts these years behind us
Free of all these limitations
We will dance and sing with all our souls
We’ll express our full appreciation
But until then we’re just praying that you know

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