Shmueli Ungar – “Chizuk Nigun” [The Chizuk Project]

by yossi | December 14, 2020 3:56 pm

The great music keeps coming our way from the Chizuk Project, as philanthropist Jeremy Strauss’s Covid-era dream of bringing music to the community steams full speed ahead through this challenging winter.

Chanukah, has been chosen for the release of the most upbeat Chizuk Project song so far, a wordless “Chizuk Nigun” full of joy and optimism, sung by the effervescent Shmueli Ungar. Representing a fusion of Shmueli Ungar’s authentic chassidish warmth with Eli Gerstner’s up-to-date musical and production choices, the song offers a very 2021 way to get chizuk (through music) and get happy this Chanukah.

“I was working hard on my own “Madreigos” album when Eli called to invite me to take part in the Chizuk Project,” recalls the singer, whose own long-awaited third album burst onto the scene this past Tuesday. “I was very excited, but with a full album to plan and sing, my time was packed. Then he sent me the nigun, which was really fresh and fun, full of guitar twanging and happiness, and of course I wanted to do it.” Ungar says that although he has never collaborated with Gerstner before, he’s been a longstanding fan of his music. “The first Yeshiva Boys Choir album, with “Kol Hamispallel,” came out when I was growing up, and I loved it. It was exciting to get a call from Eli Gerstner.”

The Chizuk Nigun is fresh, lively, and totally on-trend, ready to bring simcha to everyone’s home on a Chanukah when many are still unable to enjoy family parties. It’s an interesting contrast to the Madreigos album, where Shmueli goes back to his Chassidish roots, and expresses himself in a more authentically chassidish musical style, but the singer pulls it off with grace and his trademark sense of fun.

Shmueli Ungar – “Chizuk Nigun” – “שמילי אונגר – “ניגון חיזוק (The Chizuk Project)
Composed & Produced by Eli Gerstner (EG Productions)
Executive Producer: Jeremy B. Strauss (Strauss Music LLC)
Music Arranged & Programmed By Shai Barak
Ungar Vocals Recorded by Naftali Schnitzler @ House Of Music
Mixed & Mastered by Eli Gerstner @ EG Studios
Cover Art: Ari Friedman (JF Designs)

Thank You Hershy Weinberger, Avremi G. & Yumi Haas

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