Shmil Presents – Nigun Habitachon

by yossi | June 6, 2021 8:41 am

After releasing a chassidic album in French, accompanied by a CD of melodies with the great chassidic singers, now the Chabad singer from France Shmil is happy to release to the public the melody of private nigun that was passed from grandson to grandson for several generations and has not been released to this day. They must study Torah and keep mitzvos.

Shmil heard the nigun from Chabad musician Reb Berel Paster, who heard it from the Chassid Reb Barqa Chein. Rabbi Paster suggested calling the melody that, because there is nothing more appropriate than “Nigun Habitachon!”

“The nigun comes out under with hashgacha pratis on a day when the people of Israel were struck with astonishment around the updates on the formation of a left-wing government, which can, God forbid, cause bad things for the people of Eretz Israel.” From above and hope it will only be good from now on, “says Shmil.

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