In Anticipation of The 19th Kislev Events: Shloime Cohen & Moshe Weintraub Present “Di Geula Tantz”

by yossi | December 4, 2019 8:36 am

After years of Shloime Cohen performing this Chabad melody at the events, he joins the well-known gramer R. Moshe Weintraub and in a wonderful duet with Eli Klein‘s & Yitzy Berry‘s pumping arrangement, they invite you to dance with “Di Geula Tantz“!

For Chabad chassidim, the song is known as “Nigon Kalimanovich” and the melody is attributed to R. Mordechai Poizner of Kalimanovich, and the one who preserved the melody and brought it to the public today was the chasidic Rabbi Shmaryahu Feldman.

In order to add joy to the song, Shloime joined the duet of the well-known gamer R. Moshe Weintraub, along with the voices of the “Yehalelu” choir and the children’s choir “Yiddish Nachas” conducted by Moshy Kraus who added a great deal to “Di Geula Tantz“.

Di Geula Tantz” was produced and arranged by the hottest duo in the music industry, Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry, and to give this song a true chassidic taste, they added the sounds of clarinet player Avraham Balti, who marveled at Clarinetto.

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