Shalom Bernholtz In A New & Exciting Single Video “Tefillat Chuppah”

by yossi | January 22, 2022 7:14 pm

After the success of his five previous singles, which were received with great excitement on radio stations and among the audience, singer Shalom Bernholtz launches another song called “Tefillat Chuppah“, a few months before the release of his debut album.

In search of a quality chuppah song, Bernholtz turned to the composer and musician Eli Klein, who best expressed the tefillah of the chosson and kallah in a fine and touching melody. And together with his partner Yitzy Berry marveled at a classic and tight adaptation, which ensures a perfect result for a sweeping chuppah hit.

The release of the single is accompanied by an invested video shot at the location of the spectacular canopy complex of ‘Eretz Bereshit’, which illustrates and completes the experience by watching the new chuppah work.

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