The Shabbos Projec Presentst: Shabbos Melodies 2014 FREE

by yossi | October 7, 2014 11:47 am

Shabbos Melodies is a FREE album that was compiled in honor of The Shabbos Project to inspire the many thousands of people all over the world who will participate in this historic Shabbos, Oct. 24th and 25th Parshas Noach 2014. We’re keeping it together!

You can stream the music right from MostlyMusic by clicking this link, or, login & download the album to your device FREE.

There’s nothing like a Shabbos song to truly bring the spirit of the day to life. Shabbos songs connect us to the deepest parts of our soul and to our Creator in a very profound and enjoyable way. You can feel the excitement as the songs unite us as Jews to each other, to our illustrious past, and to our bright future.

This whole Shabbos Project is mind-blowing how we, as a people coming from so many different places and backgrounds can leave behind all our differences and unite just because we’re all part of one big Jewish family. There in none like the Jewish people! We are also so blessed, thank G-d, that in our generation, we are able to openly celebrate our Jewishness with pride. Let us continue to march on with Jewish unity and pride in times of joy. The Shabbos Project is another demonstration of the eternity of the Jewish people. Am Yisroel Chai! 🙂

Thank you to the amazing singers who so willingly donated their music for this beautiful cause. All the songs are handpicked and are sung by the Jewish world’s finest musicians whose sincerity and joy shine through their music.

This album is a vision of The Jewish Surf. The Jewish Surf is an organization who’s goal is to inspire Jews about their heritage. It’s main project is the distribution of the Jewish Surf Card which is a business size card which has written on it Torah websites, apps, phone learning lines, how to find a learning center and more, to encourage and remind people to learn more about Judaism online and in centers in their spare time. For more information or to order cards to distribute please contact [email protected].

To help inspire others to keep Shabbos, you can contribute to The Shabbos Project or Tomchai Shabbos (who provide shabbos food for those in need.)

Please re-send this gift of music to all your Jewish friends so we can all be connected through song.
May we soon experience the final redemption of the Jewish people and the world, as we rapidly approach the entry into an era that is called “The Ultimate Everlasting Shabbos.” Enjoy!
Shabbat Shalom! 🙂

1 – Moshav Band – Shabbos Kodesh – Return Again(3:53)
2 – Lev Tahor – Time To Say Good Shabbos – Lev Tahor 4(4:39)
3 – Sam and Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser – Shabat Shalom – Shabat(3:05)
4 – Simply Tsfat – Lecha Dodi – New Beginnings(4:56)
5 – Brad Schachter – Bo’ee V’Shalom – Prayer for a Child(4:02)
6 – 8th Day – It’s Shabbos Now – Chasing Prophecy(4:57)
7 – Yehuda Green – Reb Shlomos Kiddush – Nishmas(5:49)
8 – Blue Fringe – Vayivarech – My Awakening(3:49)
9 – MBD – Just One Shabbos – Best Of The 80s(5:15)
10 – Sam Glaser – Ka Ribon-Mizmor L’david – The Songs We Sing, Vol. 2(6:41)
11 – Benny Friedman – Joy Is In The Air – Bnei Heichala – A Shabbos with Benny Friedman(4:28)
12 – Shlomo Katz – Shabbos Kodesh – Live from Melborne(7:09)
13 – Sam Glaser – Ki Eshmera-D’ror Yikra – The Songs We Sing, Vol. 2(6:03)
14 – Benny Friedman – A Night Of Peace And Joy – Bnei Heichala – A Shabbos with Benny Friedman(5:11)
15 – Eli Schwebel – Shabbos Takes Me Home – Hearts Mind(3:28)
16 – Soulfarm, C Lanzbom & Noah Solomon – Hinei Kel – The Very Best of Hebrew, Vol. 1(6:40)
17 – Moshav Band – Eliyahu Hanavi – Higher(4:30)
18 – Shlomo Katz – Eliyahu Hanavi – Live in Melbourne(6:31)

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