Shabbat with Rabotai – Mussaf Medley

by yossi | May 16, 2022 3:54 pm

Shabbat is over already?! Don’t worry, we’ll keep it going for you! This Musaf is fit for a king, and you won’t want to miss our earth-shattering Aleinu!

We are excited to share part 3 of of our series “Shabbat with Rabotai“. We hope this gives you some ideas for tunes you can use this Shabbat!

Arrangement: Daniel fox and Ariav Schlesinger
Video and Music Production: Yonatan Stern

Thank you to Six13 ‘s Mike Boxer for the basis of the arrangement for The Circle of Life used for the Kedusha!

Songs: Hashiveinu, Kedusha (Circle of Life), Aleinu

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