Shabbat With Rabotai – Kabbalat Shabbat Medley

by yossi | May 3, 2022 3:04 pm

Can’t wait any longer for Shabbat to come? We sure can’t! Ever wonder what a Rabotai Shabbat is like??

Introducing: Shabbat With Rabotai

Stay tuned each week as we take you through a fun, soulful and energized Shabbat experience right in your own home :). Let us know which Shabbat song is your favorite that you would love to hear live! Looking forward to bringing our Shabbat to your smachot!

Let’s kickstart with Kabbalat Shabbat..Lechu Neranena…!

Arrangement: Ariav Schlesinger (guest arranger – Ana Bakoach – Yoni Schwartz)
Vocal arrangement and video production: Yonatan Stern

Bookings: Email [email protected] or call 0548839521


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