Right Before Sefira & During The Coronavirus Pandemic: Mendy Jerufi Presents “Tzama” The Favorite Hit With A Refreshing New Rendition

by yossi | April 3, 2020 11:39 am

“צמאה לך נפשי כמה לך בשרי בארץ ציה ועייף בלי מים”

Rashi interprets the possuk by explaining “צמא ותאב אני לבוא אליך בבית תפילתך”
Dovid HaMelech expresses the longing for all of us these days to visit family, friends, daven in shul, and other ordinary things which used to seem simple to us.
Throughout the days of galus, the longing and longing were a hope for the Jews, a time of redemption to come in a new light that would shine.
We are assured that “in Nissan were redeemed and in Nissan are going to be redeemed” and we will receive the words in which Dovid HaMelech ends by “לראות עוזך וכבודך” Yes we will.
Thanks to my friend Moshe Avraham (Goldsmiths) with the golden hand for his charming and inspirational arrangement.

Yours with love,
Mendy Jerufi

Composer: Chasidi
Adaptation: Moshe Abraham
Recording and Mix: Menachem Munis

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