Except Saturday Releases NEW SONG! “Loo Love”

by yossi | September 30, 2012 11:10 am

Happy Sukkot!!! Sometimes, you gotta just break out of your shell and write an old time rock n’ roll holiday song 🙂
Loo Love” is a fun, oldies rock n’ roll throwback, that’s just about letting loose and enjoying the holiday spirit. Erez from the band Except Saturday had a great time writing and recording the song and hopes it brings a smile to your face at this upcoming time of “Zman Simchateinu.” Please post this song on facebook or hit “forward” and send it via email to someone care about!
Props to the rest of the Except Saturday team (Elan Kugel and Jeremy Linder) for making this project happen.

The song is available for free download at: www.exceptsaturday.com

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