Rogers Park “There’s No Place Like Home” Journeys Cover – Abie Rotenberg

by yossi | March 26, 2022 8:10 pm

Returning from a hiatus since fall of 2019, Rogers Park is releasing the first of a series of live recordings in preparation of work on their 3rd Studio album slated to be released early next year.

Rogers Park covers “No Place Like Home” from Abie Rotenberg‘s collaboration with Moshe Yess on Journey‘s vol. 1. As leading voices in the contemporary folk-inspired Jewish music circle, Rogers Park has been greatly influence by the songwriting of both Abie Rotenburg and Moshe Yess (previously receiving an award for their cover of Moshe Yess‘ “Beggar Woman

“As we begin work on our 3rd album, this seemed like the perfect cover to do. A collaboration from both of our most influential English-language Jewish songwriters. The message is particularly resonant now after a long break of performing during COVID, we’ve spent so much time traveling inwards to write a series of songs that are a huge step forward from any of our work we’ve showcased until now”, said Mordy Kurtz – vocalist and songwriter for Rogers Park.

The duo plans to release 2 more live recordings featuring newly written songs that will be featured on their upcoming album. Stay tuned for the upcoming videos in this live series coming soon.

Produced by Sholom Nemanow
Directed by Yisroel Silman
Featuring Yosef Peysin and Mordy Kurtz of Rogers Park
Filmed by Berry Cohen
Camera Op Naftali Marazow
Post-produced by aBC Productions
Edited by Atara Wolf
Colored by Berry Cohen
Production Assistant Mendel Laine
Avraham Eichenblatt
Audio Mixed by Matt Dougherty – Sidedoor Studios, Chicago IL.

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