Z Report: Mitzvah Boulevard – Shuey Learns His Brochos

by yossi | December 2, 2012 12:10 pm

In this edition of the Z Report, Yossi Zweig returns to the famed Mitzvah Boulevard to interview two of the stars of the new Mitzvah Boulevard DVD entitled “Shuey Learns His Brochos“. Find out what went on behind the scenes of this amazing new educational DVD. Shuey also interviews Yossi as Yossi was a featured actor in the new DVD. Chazzan Chaim Feivish joins Yossi to sing some Chanukah songs for the upcoming Yom Tov. You can purchase the DVD from Mostly Music by using the following link: http://www.mostlymusic.com/shuey-learns-his-brochos.html

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