Just Before The Release Of His Debut Album Nemouel Releases A New Single “Ad Elecha”

by yossi | December 25, 2021 7:01 pm

Just before the release of the debut album, Israeli singer Nemouel releases a new and final single in the series of singles that have been released over time and have long since become hits.

Ad Elecha” – a magical winter ballad that penetrates into the heart written and composed by Elchanan Elchadad and rolled into Nemouel just before the closing of the album’s final song list. The musical arrangement and production is signed by David Ichilevich.

The release of the song is accompanied by a different type of video from all the video’s that Nemouel has released so far using the “One Shot” method, which was entrusted to Yanki Elharar. And the result is brilliant and spectacular.

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