“Refueini Hashem” The Song for the Sick by Mendel Brachfeld Feat. Avrumi Berko, Shia Rosen & Child Soloist Dovid Leifer

by yossi | April 27, 2020 5:06 pm

Dear friends
We’ve produced a video of covid 19 in conjunction with this month’s Chodesh Iyar which is the month of healing – as it’s say Ani Hashem Rofechu – to provide some chizuk and warmth with this rendition of refueini Sung so beautifully to warm your hearts!

Child Soloist: Dovid Leifer
Men Solo: Avrumi Berko & Shiye Rosen
Men Choir By: Yedidim International
Kids Choir By: SYR Studio & Shevach Studios
Composed By: Mendel Brachfeld
Produced By: SYR Studios
Arrangements & Mixed By: Avrumi Berko
Video By: Blinq Media
Marketing By: Motty Klein @ MusicOnTime

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