Raphael Uzan In A Vocal Version of His Song “Ana Bechasdecha”

by yossi | July 19, 2022 12:23 pm

A few weeks after releasing his debut single ‘Ana Bechasdecha‘, Raphael Uzan releases another version of the song, vocally, adapted for the three weeks. The song that managed to conquer the parades, is especially suitable for the three weeks and its special lyrics describe the longing and longing for the building of the Temple. “ם נא מצאתי חן בעינך, הראיני בבניין עירך, כהני יקריבו עולותיך, ישראל ישתחווה לפניך.”

A wonderful melody by Elchanan Elchadad from the special piyyut written by the late Asher Mizrachi, on the vocal arrangement David Taub and the moving voice of Raphael Uzan envelops the work with emotion and warmth.
Production: David Fadida

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