Presenting “ohr” Side By Side EP

by yossi | January 17, 2017 8:10 am

Side By Side” is the first musical project by Jake Polansky under the name, “ohr“. This is his first musical publication since he was in the famed band “Yaakov Chesed“. What is unique about this project is that it is completely his work. He wrote the songs, played all of the instruments and arranged every song. He recorded it in his home studio whenever he had free time (working as a special ed teacher full time and being a father takes up all of his time!). The songs are a wide range of sounds and styles. It has been described as “folk rock”, “folk pop”, and “indie folk”. When Jake is asked to describe the music of “ohr“, his response is that “it is just what I was feeling at the time”. Known as a Jewish Music artist, this project isn’t necessarily “Jewish Music” in the way that most people describe it. The songs are all in English and cover a range of spiritual and personal struggles. This EP was mixed by Aryeh Kunstler at ROAR recording, and mastered by Jake Antelis.

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