Premier Single for Canadian Avreich

by yossi | August 16, 2016 6:44 pm

R’ Yoni Gross, an Avreich with a heavenly voice, is currently putting out his first single, at the beginning of the road to a full album.

Yoni is a young artist. He does not claim to be a singer but his friends, who love hearing him sing, pushed him to record in a studio. The result is more than breathtaking!

Nachamu Ami”, the premier single with the magical production of the talented foremost pair in the field, Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry, will move you and surprise your ears with original color, a refreshing and updated blend of music and a velvet voice, which flows from falsetto to light cantorial.

R’ Yoni lives in Kiryat Sefer, Modiin Illit. A fine Avreich, he likely will not see this article because he has no smartphone nor a network connection. He was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. In his words, it was pleasant but he did not feel at home. He wanted to live amongst more Jews. “When you see large crowds of children returning from Cheder, when you see Avreichim running to Kollel, you know you are in the Holy Land and this is your home.” He grew up in Ottawa but he moved to Eretz Yisroel after his wedding, studied in Mir Yerushalayim and 3 years later settled in the City of Torah, Kiryat Sefer.

His relationship to music began at an early age, composing his first song at 12 years old. This song “Nachamu Ami” was born a few years ago. “I went through a very tough Tisha B’Av and was seeking a Nechama, comfort. I found expression for my feelings by way of this special song. This song is a comfort for me.”

His father, Zvi Gross, father-in-law, grandfather and uncles are all first-rate Chazanim and in such an atmosphere he was raised, Shira, Zimra and Simcha.

Yoni plays the piano; his children play violin and guitar. He says that he has no plans to enter into the professional field of song. “but if I am invited to a kumzitz, I would definitely consider coming.” When asked about an album, Yoni replied, “I have many songs, and Baruch Hashem more all the time. I hope to succeed in that, without disturbing my learning. For sure it also depends on the reaction to this song.”

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