Pokeach Ivrim – Nussenzweig, Ilowitz, Schnitzler

by yossi | March 3, 2024 12:09 pm

Discover the inspiring journey of Meir, a resilient teen who faced a life-altering diagnosis with unwavering strength. After overcoming a tumor but losing his vision in the process, Meir’s indomitable spirit remained unwavering.

Inspired by his own journey, and fueled by a passion for music, Meir found solace and purpose in composing a poignant melody centered on the words of the profound sentiment of the morning blessing:
“ברוך אתה ה אלקינו מלך העולם פוקח עורים”
(Blessed are you, Lord our God, King of the universe, who opens the eyes of the blind).

Meir wanted to express gratitude for the vision he once had – and hopes to regain – and to offer solace to those facing adversity,

Seeking to infuse his song with personal touches and Yiddish rhymes that resonated with his heart, Meir collaborated with the renowned Motty Ilowitz. Motty wrote some personal lines, expressing Meir’s heart and feelings, and together, they brought Meir’s vision to life, crafting a melody that captured the essence of resilience and gratitude.

In a touching turn of events, Meir’s song caught the attention of the beloved singer Michoel Schnitzler z”l, who graciously offered to lend his voice to the project. Sadly, this collaboration became Michoel’s final recording before his untimely passing.

Join us in celebrating the resilience and spirit of Meir, as we honor the memory of Michoel Schnitzler as his first yartzeit is almost approaching.

Experience the heartfelt melody and profound message of the song and its message as it touches hearts and ignites hope across the globe.


Special thanks to Yanky Werzberger whose unwavering dedication brought this project to life. לעילוי נשמת his dear mother יהודית פיגלא בת חיים אליעזר ע”ה. May her memory be a blessing.

Video by: BenHesh Studios & Vinkel Studios
Music: Dovid Fink
Vocals recorded at: Yanky Cohen Studios (Israel) & BYG Studios (NY)

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