Oorah’s Mitzvah Tantz (Official Music Video) ft. Lipa!

by yossi | March 6, 2015 10:34 am

You think you know what a “Mitzvah-Tantz” is?!
Oorah‘s Mitzvah Tantz brings you the funnest review you’ve ever seen of the mitzvos that we do throughout the year, and it’s all one song and dance! The ever-exciting Lipa Schmeltzer brings energy and hertzkeit to this production that will have everyone in your family, shul and neighborhood doing the Mitzvah Tantz! #oorahshmorg

Be sure to check out this year’s amazing #OorahAuction at http://oorahauction.org, with some of the #BestPrizesEver, including “$36,000 cash”, a “Wedding”, and a “Sefer Torah”!
Video was directed by Oorah’s multimedia team.
You can see a preview of this year’s Shmorg at http://www.oorahauction.org/shmorg

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