Nisan Fetman Releases His Second Single “I Believe”

by yossi | May 25, 2019 10:45 pm

Singer and composer Nisan Fetman has always loved music. Ever since he was four years old, he was on the piano getting progressively better each day. As a child he used to compose little jingles and rhythms that have become family favorites over the years. In yeshiva, he was always known as the class singer and jokingly remembers getting into trouble in school because of singing during class.

Nisan doesn’t consider himself a singer, but more of an artist who just wants to share his ideas and creations with those who have the same goal in mind-to create a better environment for us to surround ourselves with. His songs aren’t just compositions of chance, but rather songs of emotion. Nisan’s songs have some vulnerability in them, but are packed with intense feeling.

His career started when he lost a friend, Yisroel Levin A”H, who passed away tragically in a car fire along with his fiancé last Pesach. Nisan was in yeshiva in Chofetz Chaim of Boca Raton at the time and composed his first single “Acheinu.” “I thought it would just be another one my songs that I save on my voice notes on my phone” says Fetman. “However, the guys in the yeshiva really took to it, and in just a few weeks the song became well known in the community.” This gave him the impetus to go out and record it professionally so he could share it with the world.

This new single, “I Believe” was created in memory of Nisan’s high school friend, Meshulem Jungreis A”H, who passed away in October. It was shortly after that he was moved to compose this powerful new single. The songs features Meshulem’s brother Yosef, and another friend, Chaim Ghoori. Each vocalist brings a different element to the song, because they each had a different relationship with Meshulem.

“It pains me that my first two publicly released songs are in memory of my friends,” says Nisan. “But, as the lyrics of the song say, I know I will sing with them again one day.”

It is Nisan’s hope, that upon listening to these songs, you will be left with a feeling of light and hope and that although we may be experiencing such difficult times, there is a light that will shine through at the end of the darkest night.

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