New Music from Simcha Jacoby

by yossi | November 18, 2023 11:29 pm

Simcha Jacoby presents “Ner Dolek“, a fresh new song with an uplifting message.

The Jewish flame will never be extinguished. This powerful song produced by Yoel Weiss reminds us that in life, it’s never too late to turn it around.

So grab a friend, and dance along to Ner Dolek!

Composed by: Simcha Jacoby
Bridge composed by: Shmuel Dovid Mezei (Mez Productions)
Music produced by: Yoel Weiss @YW Studios
Vocal Recording, Mix & Master: Gershy Schwarcz @ Edgware Studios
Cover & Lyrical video by: Yossi Zweig – Intelligent Noise LLC
Headshots: Ruby Studios
Marketing: I & Me Media
Social Media: Yehuda Neuman

Special thanks to:
Shaya Kaminetzky, Avrumi Rosenfeld, JJ Walden, Lipa Brach,
Mendel Goldstein, Raffael Soffer, and Shmuel Balter.

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