Nehorai Moyal – El Gadol Naaleh

by yossi | August 22, 2021 9:20 am

From a young age, Nehorai Moyal studied Andalusian music theory with the best bards in Israel and around the world and became one of the best bards in the country.

Meet Nehorai Moyal (19) from Kiryat Ata, a singer and paytan who performs every evening and makes the hearts of the people of Israel happy.

The connection to piyyut and poetry received from home, and appears from an early age in revelries, conferences, and particularly glorious events.

Nehorai is now releasing the debut single “El Gadol Naaleh” the song was written by Manor Ben David alongside a melody by the late Sheikh Moizo. The song was written in honor of Hakadosh Baruch Hu and in honor of the Holy Torah.

A few months ago, Nehorai performed at the coveted Moroccan Nights Festival in front of thousands of people from Morocco and around the world and received lots of praise and accolades.

Nehorai continues to work on the debut album he is currently working on.

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