Naftali Blumenthal – Teshuva [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

by yossi | September 27, 2020 3:18 pm

Although there are specific times throughout the year where we focus on Teshuva, it is a phenomena which is available at every second of every day that we live. This marvelous gift grants us hope and comfort; ensuring us that we are always very close to being our best selves. God loves us so much and is eagerly anticipating the revealed perfection deep within us all. There is no distance too far from The Infinite One, so if you think it’s too late, you should think again. I believe in you, and if you’re still alive, Hashem definitely does too.

With all my heart,

Produced & Arranged: Naftali Blumenthal @ASAP Productions ([email protected])
Available on all digital outlets.
Copyright 2020

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