Nachman Goldberg With A New Single “Omar Hashem L’Yaakov”

by yossi | December 1, 2020 4:00 pm

Singer Nachman Goldberg releases a new single called “Omar Hashem L’Yaakov” from the album “Kolot HaNeshama“. The special project is composed by R’ Feitel Levin, performed entirely by graduates of “Hakol Haba“, produced by David Fadida. Gershon Freishtadt is in charge of the musical arrangement and the best singers of the program from the first two seasons take part in the album.

Rabbi Feitel Levin explains: “Yaakov leaves the safe and secure home for an unknown destination with strong challenges.” Do not be afraid because I am with you, “Hashem promised to keep him and be with him in every situation. Every week as we depart from the sanctity of Shabbos kodesh to the regular days of the week, Hashem’s blessing accompanies us to be with each and every one of us in all steps of life.

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