Moshe Mintz With A New Single “Am Hatikvah” Inspired By The Organization “Be’Yachad Nenatzeach”

by yossi | March 19, 2024 3:46 pm

The Simchas Torah massacre on October 7 horrified Jews worldwide. Leading the charge for a special and unifying response was the Chesssd organization “Standing Together,” led by Baal Hachessed Shai Graucher.

“I wrote this song a month after October 7, filled with pain and tears for what our nation lost,” says Moshe. “However, I also looked forward with unity and hope, inspired by the unique Chessed of this organization, which aims to help every Jew regardless of their religious level, uniting and connecting us all.”

Am Hatikvah” serves as a pledge to remember that throughout generations, Am Yisroel has always known how to endure pain and yet rise, moving forward with hope and prayers for a better future.

The song is accompanied by an exciting video showcasing the impactful work of “Standing Together.”

Music and lyrics by Moshe Mintz
Produced by Moshe & Elchanan Mintz
Guitars by Yonatan Gelfand
Vocals recorded at Studio 6, Lakewood, NJ.
Vocals editing by Sound Sonic Studios
Video art and graphics by EnergyFX
Cover art by Tcking Production
PR by Israel Berger
Social Media & Marketing by Nachman Lasry.

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