by yossi | October 24, 2021 2:48 pm

On the way to a new album, Mordechai Shapiro today releases “Abba“, a strong and energetic single, accompanied by a sweet music video featuring his children.

“This song is about our constant search, human beings, for Hakados Baruch Hu,” Mordechai explains. “We ask from Hashem not to hide his face from us. To make us feel and see it, as a child always seeks to know that father is behind him, by his side, guarding and protecting him.”

Abba” was written by the best lyricist in the world Miriam Israeli, Mordechai Shapiro composed the song, and Daniel Kapler wrote the rest.

Composed by Mordechai Shapiro
Produced by Daniel Kapler, Play Masters Studios
Lyrics by Miriam Israeli
Vocals recorded by: Doni Gross, Deg Studios NYC

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