Morasha at 50 Concert, A Journey Through song [VIDEOS]

by yossi | March 6, 2014 8:49 am

Hosted by Nachum Segal, Starring Abie Rotenberg, Baruch Levine, Eitan Katz, Benny Friedman and Edan Pinchot, Morasha at 50 Concert, a Journey Through song

For a half a century, music has been at the core of the Morasha experience. From Shiria to Shabbat, Color War to camp plays, the ram kol to a kumsitz — it’s often the songs from our camp experience that triggers the most tangible memories. For our 50th anniversary celebration, we thought it would only be appropriate to celebrate our fifty summers through song.

Whether you’re an alumnus, camper, parent, staff member, or someone who simply loves music — you’re invited to join us for the biggest event of Camp Morasha’s history. Through music and multimedia, our star-studded lineup and surprise alumni musicians will tell the story of Morasha. Following the concert, the entire audience is invited to a gala dessert reception to reconnect with camp friends and staff.

Abie Rotenberg, Rivie Schwebel & Eitan Katz – [email protected] Concert

Abie Rotenberg Rivie Schwebel Eitan Katz Baruch Levine Edan Pinchot – [email protected] Concert

Abie Rotenberg – [email protected] Concert

Baruch Levine – Vezakeini – Live at [email protected] Concert

Baruch Levine – [email protected] Concert

Benny Freidman – Yesh Tikva – [email protected] Concert

Benny Friedman Eitan Katz Baruch Levine Edan Pinchot – [email protected] Concert

Eitan Katz – [email protected] Concert

Abie Rottenberg – Hamalach Hagoel – [email protected]

Gershon Veroba – [email protected] Concert

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