Mendy J Returns with Summer Hit “Echad”

by yossi | June 29, 2024 9:27 pm

Renowned Jewish music artist Mendy J is back with his latest release, “Echad,” poised to become the hit of the summer. Mendy J, known for his popular tracks like “Harabi,” “Hamelech,” “Meseches Brachos,” and most recently “Shalom Aleichem,” continues to captivate audiences with his innovative approach to music.

In “Echad,” Mendy J explores new territory by incorporating both Spanish and Hebrew lyrics, a creative decision inspired by a recent visit to Detroit, Michigan. The song’s bilingual nature enhances its universal appeal, making it a unique addition to his repertoire.

The release of “Echad” comes at a crucial time. Since October 7th, Jewish communities worldwide have faced a surge in anti-Semitism, highlighting the need for unity and faith. Mendy J‘s new song serves as an anthem of solidarity, reminding listeners of the importance of belief in Hashem and the power of achdus (unity).

Echad” is designed to be a rallying cry for Jews everywhere, whether at camp, home, traveling, or on vacation. The song’s chorus, “Hashem Echad U’shemo Echad Eternidad” (Hashem is One and His name is One Forever), is a powerful declaration of faith and unity.


Song Composed by: Mendy J & Moshe Sherizen

Music & Mixing by: Shua Sorscher

Produced by: Shua Sorscher

Backup Vocals by: Mendy J & Shua Sorscher

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“Echad” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Join Mendy J in spreading this message of unity and faith through music.

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