Meir Elias & Yaakov Brown – HaMelech BaSodeh

by yossi | August 26, 2021 7:39 am

After two singles that received a lot of attention, and ahead of Yomim Noroim, singer and composer Meir Elias takes the King out in a waiting field by hosting his friend Yaakov Brown.

Meir says: We are currently in the days of mercy and forgiveness times of spiritual ascension and closeness to Hashem. But even in such a beautiful time the struggle does not go away so I decided to write a few words to encourage myself That song is brewing then … the result in front of you hope you enjoy listening willow.

Lyrics: Meir Elias, Nahum Heiman, Yaakov Brown
Composition, arrangement, and mix: Meir Elias
Poetry: Meir Elias & Yaakov Brown

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