Meilech Braunstein – Yeush

by yossi | September 1, 2021 12:51 am

As Rosh Hahana inches closer, thousands of Yidden prepare themselves to spend Rosh Hashana in Uman Ukraine where the holy Tzadik Rabbi Nachman is buried.
Why you ask? Because Rabbi Nachman said ראש השנה שלי” עולה על הכל” And one of the most renowned teachings from this holy Tzadik is “אין שום יאוש בעולם כלל”

Armed with these two holy phrases, Baruch Taub teamed up with Meilech Braunstein and Moshe Goldstein (Music Studio NYC) and created this uplifting, magical song that is sure to connect you even closer to Hashem, and to strengthen your emunah!

Song Composed by: Baruch Taub
Music Created by: Moshe Goldstein
Music Arranged by: Moshe Goldstein/Baruch Taub
Mixed And Mastered by: Music Studio NYC
Cover Design by: Attractive Graph

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