Luzy and Meyer Klatzko – K’shem Shenichnas LaBris

by yossi | September 15, 2022 9:18 am

Luzy and Meyer Klatzko are two out of eight sons in the Klatzko family. Their father, who studied Milah under Rabbi Benzion Krohn, was privileged to perform the mitzvah on all of his sons.

Chazal teach us that anyone who has a circumcision, Avraham Aveinu will pull them out of Geheinom. Such is the power of our covenant with Hashem!

Rabbi Klatzko composed this song in the middle of a bris, his heart bursting with joy at this special mitzvah that the Almighty had granted to him. His two sons, Luzy and Meyer sing this song in front of a live audience, which included a number of artists, the most prominent among them, the famous Jewish rapper, Nissim Black (who seems to have enjoyed it immensely!).

Since so few melodies using these beautiful words exist, Rabbi Klatzko hopes that this joyous tune will become synonymous with the joy of the mitzvah of Bris Milah.

Composed by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko
Performed by Luzy Klatzko and Meyer Klatzko
Produced by Benzion Klatzko
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