Lo Sachmod – Yanky & Shulem Lemmer – Shira Choir

by yossi | June 9, 2016 9:43 am

Before an inspired and uplifted audience at the annual Bonei Olam Dinner, Yanky and Shulem Lemmer teamed with Shira to pay homage to the upcoming yom tov Shavuos with “Lo Sachmod”, a classic song derived from the Aseres HaDibros (10 Commandments).

The song was composed by legendary Jewish cantor and songwriter Yossele Rosenblatt A”H, and was reworked specifically for this performance in stunning acapella/vocal form.

Live sound by Baba Z.
Mixed by Chaim Gottesman
Stage manager: Motty Jay
Video by BenHesh, Neumann studios.

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