Lipa Medley LIVE – Ahrele Samet, Chaim Polak, Neshama Choir & Tzvika Rubin

by yossi | June 20, 2022 6:04 pm

Shmulik Kalish conducts the prestigious “Neshama” choir in Birmetz, and the music industry has stabilized!

Watch a medley of “Lipa” songs, with conductor and choir founder Itzik Filmer conducting the expanded ensemble of choir members who came to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah celebration for the son of Shmulik Kalish – a descendant of the well-known musical family in the courtyards of the Rebbe of Belza Shlita.

Along with the owners of the music, Ahrele Samet and Chaim Pollak, in a first-of-its-kind and very interesting duet. The keyboardist and keyboardist Tzviki Rubin, who is responsible for weaving this wonderful medley, is the master of keyboards, and he is none other than the arranger Ari Farkash, who with great talent combined these song from artist Lipa Schmelzer‘s works and brought it to a conclusion – this beautiful medley.

Mix: Chaim Mozes
Photo: Ezra Trabelsi
Amplification: Paul Volium
PR: Berish Filmer
New Media: In Front
Conducting and representing the Neshama choir: Nati Levin

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