LIPA DECLARES “There’s no place like Home Sweeeet Home”

by yossi | June 23, 2009 12:13 pm

By: Yossi Zweig

Last night Home Sweeeet Home, affectionately known as “HSH”, had a cruise to raise funds. “HSH” is a residence for yiddishe kinderlach who have no other options. It’s a one year program. Kids work during the day and volunteers take them out each night. The evening began with the antics of the world famous badchan, Velvi Feldman. Velvi, who only speaks Yiddish, was cracking up the crowd with his stories and delivery. Avi Fishoff (founder/director of HSH) thanked everyone for coming and then introduced the one and only Lipa Schmeltzer. Lipa opened with “Wake Up” as the crowd had to “wkae up” to get into the evening. Next was Gelt. Lipa proceeded to say that although most people go on a cruise as part of a vacation to get away, “Home Sweeeet Home” is always way better. “Avi,” Lipa said, “Is the best and is like a father to everyone. It is my honor to be here tonight”. A special song “Shelo Osani Goy” was sang because whoever came out tonight came out to do a mitzvah and NOT go on vacation. Lipa then handed the microphone to Moishy, the owner of the famous Unbelipable blog, who said he had something to say. Moishy presented Lipa with an award in the shape of a microphone and said, “This is from klal yisroel for the unbelievable work and simcha you bring to them”. Lipa then invited Yochanan Shapiro (Acheinu-Shapiro Bros.) to sing a haunting rendition of “Im Eshkocheich” together with him. Lipa said that since we are on the water, we should say a kapitol tehilim and he proceeded to sing his famous “Hallelu“. It was a great unplugged version of the song and the crowd really enjoyed it. Lipa ran that song into “A Poshiter Yid” and started to sing about the organization and the amount of people they help out. The amazing band of the evening consisted of Pinny Oestricher on keyboard, Yanky Katina on guitar, and Mark Feinberg on sax and trumpet. Lipa then said that he wanted to sing a classic, but needed help from the crowd. He started with “Oid Yaishvu” (MBD). Lipa then told a story from Reb Nutta, the Maggid of Yerushalayim. Since we were on the boat, he sang it to the tune of the “Titanic” theme song. The story went as follows: Every Shabbos Reb Nutta gave a mussar schmooze in shul. One Shabbos it was too hot for anyone to come out to hear him, but he said to himself that he had a shlichus and he had to go. He got there, but the shul was empty. He said he had a shlichus so he gave the shmooze to the empty room. It was a fiery shmooze from his heart. When he was finished and ready to leave, he saw a bochur crying in the ezras noshim. The bochur said that he wants to be baal tshuva. He explained that he was on the way to visit some friends but it was too hot so he came into shul to lie down and he fell asleep. He woke up to the speech and it moved him so much. So, you never know if something you do has a reaction but don’t give up if you don’t see results right away. The same goes for Home Sweeeet Home. Lipa then invited his friend Michoel (PRUZ) Pruzansky to sing Tasseh Mitzvah with him. They proceeded to rock the boat with their singing and fancy dance moves. Lipa then said thanks to Pruz on the Cruise. Lipa then asked Avi Fishoff to come on stage and sing with him. He started singing “Racheim Na” composed by Avi himself. Avi then proceeded to introduce David Blatt, a neighbor of his and an incredible talent and illusionist. David called up 2 people to try something. He handed them a deck of cards to look at and pick one. It was the 4 of hearts. David told his other “helper” to write his initials on the card. The card was buried in the deck and given to him. David threw the deck at his help and they all fell to the floor. He said that we have to try it again. He told the “helper” to unbutton his top 2 shirt buttons and there was the card with his signature. David proceeded to wow the crowd with his illusions. Avi announced that this was the 6th year anniversary of Home Sweeeet Home, and that we can all do more if everyone gets involved. There are many more kids and parents in need of help. All you need is the desire and help. Avi thanked Chap A Nosh for catering the food for the evening. Michoel Pruzansky dedicated a song to Home Sweeeet Home while all the honorees got jackets as a token of thanks from the organization. “Chavivin” was the song and the child soloist was his own son, Avi Pruzansky. It was very moving and all were holding candles and thinking hard of the meaning of the words. The band started up for Lipa playing “Binyan Adei Ad” which was a great was to get back into the simchadik feeling. Lipa came running and turned it into the world famous “Heib Oif” with an all original rhyme for Avi. Lipa then went on with old time Ashreichem and new mega hit Yehi, composed by Lipa himself, from Shloime Taussig’s new hit album. Siman Tov was next up since everyone was already up and dancing. It was like a big family wedding. “Hinei“, from Berry Weber’s new album and “B’eloikim” were next which are fast becoming hits in their own right. That was followed by “Shifchi Kamayim” an oldie but favorite. Lipa was defiantly ROCKING THE BOAT! And of course, he had to go back into “Heib Oif”. When the telltale melody of “Someday” (MBD)began we all knew that the evening was drawing to a end. Lipa sang it all in English of course. Lipa then said he wanted to finish with a song, “Moishele“, that’s been requested from his own album.  When that was over the band broke into “Raboisai” and the boat proceeded to dock. All in all I would say it was a very successful evening for Home Sweeeet Home and I think the evening left everyone with an uplifting experience.

Lipa & Yochanan Shapiro (Acheinu)

World renown Badchan Velvi Feldman

Lipa & “Moishy” from Unbelipable

Lipa & Yochanan Shapiro (Acheinu)

Lipa & Michoel “PRUZ” Pruzansky

Lipa & Avi Fishoff

Michoel & Avi Pruzansky

The Band

Pinny Oestricher (keyboard)

Yanky Katina (base guitar)

Mark Feinberg (saxaphone)

Everyone Dancing


Lipa & David Blatt

Lipa & Velvi Feldman

IMGP0138[1]Lipa & the Award

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