Lashuv Ha’baita “Acapella” – Yonatan Stern

by yossi | July 1, 2018 6:11 pm

Singer Yonatan Stern releases the first acapella cover for his three weeks series titled “Lashuv Ha’baita” off the latest hit album from singer/songwriter Yishai Ribo. On this song he is joined by singer Yonatan Friedman.

Among the songs he previously released are “Neve Ta’alot,” “Nekuda Shel Ohr” with Meir Green and “Hofachto.”

Lyrics: Yishai Ribo
Composed by Yishai Ribo and Maor Shoshan
Vocal Adaptation: Yonatan Stern
Vocals: Yonatan Stern and Yonatan Friedman
Mix and Mastering: Nathaniel Cohen
Video editing: B.Sc. productions

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