Get Into The Lag B’omer Vibe With This Hot New Release: Lekoved Hatana By Shiye Scharf

by yossi | May 19, 2022 8:13 am

Lekoved Hatana By Shiye Heshil Scharf.
Lekoved Hatana – A song that will get you dancing and will surly enhance your Lag B’omer. Composed and sung by Shiye Scharf and his son.
Shiye, who has most recently released “Tateh Leben”, a beautiful original song composed and sung by Shiye in honor of Pesach, started his musical journey as a teenager composing songs and melodies with his friends where they would get together and just let the music flow. As shiye got older he tried to have some big name artists take his melodies and songs but unfortunately was not successful.
Shiye’s big break came with the Kishronos program on the Kol Mevaser phone network where his song was submitted and received great reviews from music critics and listeners alike. (That was a big success considering the competition and the fact that he had submitted his song without any musical accompaniment.)
Walking home from Shul Motzei Pesach Shiye composed and recorded a song for Lag B’omer but after sleeping on it, decided he was not happy with it. After consulting with Moshe Kraus from MK studios, Shiye pulled out a melody he had originally composed one Shabbos morning to the words of Yibaneh Hamikdash and converted it to the words of Lekoved Hatana. The song was recorded at MK Studios.

Composed & Sung by: Shia Heshil Scharf
Feat. Child Soloist Sruly Weber
Kinder Kids Choir Conducted by Anshy Eckstein
Recorded at: MK Studios
Digital Marketing by: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime

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