Kumzing 2 Presents – HaMenagnim & Shlomie Cohen: U’Malochim | Audio

by yossi | September 13, 2012 9:26 pm

Moshe Roth and the HaMenagnim Orchestra just released a great new song which was specially made for Kumzing 2.
The song “U’Malochim” was composed by Shmuel Yefet (who made “Hu Yivne” of HaMenagnim & Fried last year too) and was performed LIVE for the first time at Kumzing 2.
The reason for releasing THIS track NOW is because the song fits to this time of the year, as the lyrics say “שימחול ויתיר לעוונותינו, ויבנה בית תפארתנו”.

The Kumzing 2 audio CD will be released in the Mishpacha magazine SUCCOS edition for FREE, the DOUBLE ALBUM (audio) will be in stores right after Yom Kipur. The “store edition” will include 30 BONUS minutes of music from Kumzing 2.

The video trailer will be released next week after Rosh Hashanah PLUS after Yom Kipur a special Music Video HaMenagnim did with Shloime Gertner. The video is a BRAND NEW SONG called “Toiroh“,and was filmed just three weeks ago in a real Yerushalmi winery (Yikvei Tzion). BOTH the trailer AND the Shloime Gertner Music Video will be INCLUDED in the Mishpacha Magazine Succos edition.

The FULL KUMZING 2 DVD will be released for CHANUKAH bli neder. Music fans will have to watch the trailer which will be included in the Mishpacha and online and have to be patient because the DVD will really be worth the wait.

Click PLAY below to hear the song

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שמעתי קול נהי ובכי יונה
על עם גולה, על עם נרדף,
ודמעות יורדות אל ים
כשישראל נתונים בצרה.

ומלאכים מבקשים בתחינה לפני אבינו,
שימחול ויתיר לעוונותינו
ויבנה בית תפארתנו.










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