Kuma Hashem – Meyer Klatzko – Composed by Benzion Klatzko

by yossi | May 12, 2021 10:39 pm

Meyer Klatzko is the youngest out of the 11 Klatzko children. He is well known in the Torah world as the star of a weekly column in the popular children’s magazine, “The Circle” as the boy from each “Open House” story. With the growing antisemitism spreading throughout the globe, what better reminder do we need to have Emuna in the salvation of Hashem, as sung so innocently by 11-year-old Meyer?

Performed by Meyer Klatzko
Composed by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko
Arranged by Yisroel Ament
A Shabbat.com Production
With thanks to Tirtza, Akiva, and Ilya!

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