Kobi Brummer Sings “Manginat Halev”

by yossi | December 7, 2021 8:47 am

For the past year, Kobi Brummer‘s album has emerged as the hottest trend in Jewish music. The singer, who chose to release his first album in a “drip” of radio singles, releases once every few months another hit that captures the charts and ranks at the top of the listening list in the genre. Now, with the advent of winter, Brummer is releasing another beautiful ballad this season called ‘Manginat Halev‘, which was written, composed and arranged for him by Yonatan Shainfeld in the production of David Fadida.

Brummer‘s musical range so far is very diverse, from a chasidic style that matches the world of weddings in which Brummer performs every evening, to original Israeli-style classics such as that of ‘Manginat Halev‘. “One day Yonatan Shainfeld sends me an impression of a song he wrote,” says Kobi. “I heard it once and connected with it right away. I asked Yonatan if I could have the song and luckily he agreed. It is a song that speaks to each of us, each has his own melody. The melody of the heart.”

Lyrics, melody and arrangement: Yonatan Shainfeld
Photo: Ilan Besor
Design: Elad Halevi
Clip animation: Moriah Levin

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