by yossi | October 12, 2023 7:59 am

I find myself during this time in a state of sadness and despair. Israel feels alone, Hashem also feels alone. We need something deep, something that opens the heart, to give us strength to pray from our innermost beings and reach the highest heavens. This song, KIVISI, is here to give us that strength, to remind us that we are not alone, lifting ourselves up with the knowing that The Shomer Yisrael never sleeps and is always watching over us whether we understand His ways, or not. Let this tune uplift us, so that we can storm the gates of heaven, appealing to God as well as reminding Him that we rely solely on Him for our salvation. Please remember, you are not alone.. May all the darkness turn to light, and all suffering to complete healing, and may we see Gods glorious hand in this final redemption!

Composed & Sung: ELIYAHU (formerly known as Eli Beer)

Produced: Mendy Hershkowitz & Yanky Steinmetz at Sonic Duo Studios

Recorded & Mixed: Sonic Duo Inc

Features Andy Statman on Clarinet & Mandolin

Video filmed & edited: Flash of Design

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