The Kinderlach Sing & Ask “Matai Tigdal?”

by yossi | August 16, 2016 7:05 pm

The summer is well underway and Kinderlach is adding color to the party with a new hit single called “Matai Tigdal“. This summer, Kinderlach has come out with a new show and is celebrating with the release of this new single.

Matai Tigdal” is a song from the same production company that brought your hits like “Rak Yeladim” and “Azov Oti” that speak from the perspective of adolescence seeking independence and entry into the adult world.

Lyrics and composition were created by Eli Klein and the electronic production is by Itzik Dadya and Shmulik Berger. This is a special musical production which combines different styles from different parts of the world.


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