Now Available: JM365 – 5th Edition

by yossi | August 18, 2016 7:46 am

Five years ago Yossi Zweig launched the FIRST EVER Jewish music calendar called JM365. As the claendar was met with huge, welcoming response, we’d like to first thank all of the fans AND sponsors who made that issue and the last four so special.

The new issue 2016-2017 features 14 months, from June 2016-August 2017.

So witout any further premable we proudly present to the JM365 the 5th edition. It’s the calendar created especially for loves of Jewish music… and those who love seeing them smile.

As you peruse its pages you may begin to wonder what happened to some of your favorite stars. Well there’s two parts to that answer, either the star asked us to respect their privacy or our “Board” felt that regardless of how successful a particular star is… or was, they didn’t really change the Jewish Music landscape as much as simply enhance it. Again we respect your right to differ with our superstar selections and we welcome your thinking on our thinking (just email us at [email protected]). Besides as they say after the Superbowl “There’s always next year”.

The artists we DO feature in this fifth edition of JM365 (and before you ask, yes we’re already at work on next year’s version) is a very diverse mix. We go from Udi Davidi to Gideon Levine, Shloime Dachs to Meydad Tasa and Lev Tahor to Yanky Lemmer.

In any case, we hope you enjoy JM365 as much as we enjoyed creating it… and more important as much as you enjoy the superstars whose talents inspired us to do it. Speaking of enjoyment, one thing you WILL enjoy is using the products & services offered by our sponsors as every one of them is a superstar in their own right!.
Yossi Zweig

JM365 is being distributed all over the tri-state area. Like in previous years, if you can’t find a copy of JM365 (cause they are all gone or you live out of town) and want one, you can send a self addressed /stamped envelope (big enough for a calendar and postage for 1 lb.) to:

JM365/Jewish Insights
20 Rena Lane
Lakewood, NJ 08701

Click the Calendar below to see the entire 14 months

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