JI EXCLUSIVE MUSIC! Benny Friedman: Taamu-Maaminim Live!

by yossi | December 23, 2009 5:40 pm

Here is a exclusive track from Benny Friedman. The song is a combination of Taamu and Maaminim. (starts Taamu and works into mbds maaminim)

The song was sung at a Chanukah Party for the Nachla Chareidi at IDF in Ramat Gan, Israel. Also at the show was Aaron Razel and Yishai Lapidot.

The show as produced by Moshe Roth and Shalom Wagshul of Haminagnim Orchestra.

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Here are some photos courtesy of Leor Gabay

IMGP5488[1]Benny & Aaron Razel

IMGP5503[2]Benny & Moshe Roth

IMGP5524[3]Benny & Leor Gabay

IMGP5518[4]Benny performing on stage

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