Jerusalem Upmix | DJ Farbreng | Feat. Matisyahu

by yossi | January 16, 2024 11:48 am

TYH Nation Presents

Jerusalem Upmix

DJ Farbreng – Feat. Matisyahu

Jerusalem – it’s a city forever etched in our hearts, the compass that guides us, the spark that ignites our dreams. Just like the pintele yid, Jerusalem lives within us, a central beacon leading us back to our roots.

Feel the pulse of your own pintele yid igniting as you close your eyes and surrender to the rhythm. The Jerusalem Upmix is a reminder of the Ba’al Shem Tov’s teaching that home is wherever your heart exists, and Jerusalem’s flame burns bright within every Yid.


Original Song by Matisyahu

Music Produced and mixed by Izzy Drihem and Matisyahu

Vocals Recorded by Mendy Portnoy at Farbrengable Studios

Backing Vocals: Mendy Portnoy

Video Filmed and Edited by MatiSHRIKI Studio

Additional footage by Shimmy Socol

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