Itzik Orlev With A New Summer Hit “Rikud Menatzeach” [Official Music Video]

by yossi | August 12, 2019 4:00 pm

This new single was written by Doron Elimelech (who is responsible for over 100 hits) and Yaakon Menashe composed, Doron who was also responsible for the musical production.

Rikud Menatzeach is accompanied by a rhythmic clip accompanied by dancers, choreography by Tal Handelsman and directed by Adam Deutsch.

Every year for the past decade, Itzik puts out a summer hit, joining the list of his leading chuppa hits “Bo’ee Beshalom“, “Mekudeshet“, “Birchas Kohanim” and the new hit “Maalachim.”

Back in 2007, Itzik released his first album “Ma’agalim” which included dance hits who have been on the top charts of the religious haredi radio stations. Itzik became to be one of the most greatest singers of the community and had much a big success.

In 2008, He followed it up with the release of his highly anticipated second album “Mitga’ge’a” from producer Yoram Yitzhak Vazana. One of the MEGA hits from the album was “Shir La’maalot” which got a spot on the coveted Galgalattz playlist. The album continued to spread, making him a household name in the religious community and to the general public.

Following the download and burning phenomenon, Itzik and his brothers decided to focus on releasing singles across albums and were even the first to allow the public to download the songs without fear of being robbed.

Shortly after the end of Operation Protective Edge, while the country was recovering from the hostilities, Itzik released the song “Am Yisrael Chai“, a rhythmic and joyous hit received with much love and climbed into the first place in the media for the first time in the play media. In the summer of 2017, he released the hit “Baou Nadlik Ta’Aish“, which to date has garnered three million views and also earned first place in the play at Media Forest before Eyal Golan and Static and BenEl. In addition, Itzik is much loved by the Jews of Mexico who invented special dances for his hits. In the last Sukkot he appeared there to no less than 2,500 people.

Lyrics and musical production by: Doron Elimelech
Composed by: Yaakon Menashe
Choreography by: Tal Hendelsman
Directed by: Adam Deutsch

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